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Content Writing Services: The Ultimate List

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❶A more recent example was the Palace of Westminster , which was cleaned in the s. Several students made great academic achievements and won gold and silver medals from the university and college.

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Online since , he has been writing for magazines and newspapers since , and editing and managing websites since A generalist, his most covered topics are business and technology.

Follow Mitchell on Twitter for links to unique and insightful stories: That works the best if you can find someone who is both reliable, and has the capacity to support you. We looked at a number of factors such as: If they are well known providers. How many writers they offer in their marketplace. We specifically looked for companies that help with content marketing content, as opposed to other forms of content such as static website copy.

These days a lot of agencies provide writing services among their portfolio of other digital marketing offerings. However, we were especially seeking firms that had a large or sole focus on writing services. If there are any ones that you would like to suggest, please let us know in the comments. Your document is being talked about on Twitter more than anything else on SlideShare right now.

Presumably, said employees were direct-messaging their colleagues on Twitter i. Very pleased you found my company, Express Writers, high quality and reputable enough to place in your list! Check out the content writing service for marketing solutions from Hubstaff. They produce excellent content for businesses because they have teams of native English speakers and literary majors who enjoy writing and blogging for various niches.

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Who wants to boost up their site in online there is content marketing is very essential. By using your methodology site owners can easily drive high quality leads and sales within few months. One of the biggest challenges in the world of content marketing is to create enough content to provide value to your audience and keep readers engaged. Many traders rely on to support their hedge content strategy, article writing service retailers with the best in class with a mixture of 65 percent of the content is created and 25 percent of content curators.

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They offer custom writing and research as premium quality essays, term papers, etc. That said, just a friendly tip to only work with vendors who understand your brand and brand voice — it will be a great service to your readership. There are various levels of content creation. Much of the best quality content is written by independent freelance writers who tend to know each other in their niche.

Find any one of us and ask for referrals to others. We actually keep a list of writers at various price levels. If you want to grow your career as a content writer, and want some tips and tricks to earn handsome money through your writing skills. The above list is nice but If you want to grow your career as a content writer, and want some tips and tricks to earn handsome money through your writing skills. Student learning takes a lot of time and effort, especially for writing essays.

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I work for Community Elf www. We are an online marketing firm that offers the daily management and writing of social media posts, blogs and email newsletters, as well as focus on SEO and digital advertising. There are a growing number of agencies specializing in content creation. The Write Content also provides Content Strategy services including writing your unique content strategy plan.

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She is the best manually writer that delivers jobs on time https: Himakshi Pahuja - September 8, DU Times - August 21, DU Times - December 31, Interesting facts about Delhi University. Himakshi Pahuja - June 1, It was a cultural and musical evening bonanza which Bishop Franco Mulakkal of the Jalandhar diocese, who has been accused by a nun from Kerala of raping her multiple times between and The upcoming Miss England final will be held next week on Tuesday.

Where a 20 year old girl Sara Iftekhar a finalist has Another Step Towards Betterment: Langvardt is a member of the faculty at various colleges and universities around the world.

He teaches at Robert Kennedy College, Zurich, Switzerland, a partner college of the University of Wales, where he serves as lecturer in e-business. Langvardt received his Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Valparaiso University while specializing in Asian studies. He earned his Masters of Business Administration degree specializing in international business from Thunderbird, School of Global Management.

In , he achieved his Ph. Having spent his formative years in Australia, England, and the Philippines, Dr. Langvardt has strong appreciation for cross-cultural issues.

An active volunteer in his community, he serves in various capacities for a number of educational and non-profit organizations. Liang graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy Ph. He started his tertiary education in United Kingdom in with a scholarship and completed his Bachelor of Engineering Honours in Electronic Engineering from University of Southampton, U. Francis Pol Lim is a management and accountancy professional.

He has been a business manager, internal auditor, accountant and consultant. At the same time, he also served as an online adjunct professor, instructional designer, researcher, writer and editor. His research areas of interest include management, information technology and educational innovation. He also took the Virtual Teacher Program offered by the University of California, Irvine Extension to expand his knowledge in online distance education.

He also has experience of teaching and mentoring trainee teachers and established educational professionals. Erika Lohmiller is a Ph. Lohmiller has been in the field of rehabilitation and addiction counseling for the past seventeen years with many different types of populations.

Lohmiller presents and teaches in the areas of behavioral health, working with special populations, and addictions. She is also contracted with International University for Graduate Studies as a presenter for the past six years for their residency program in St. She has recently developed and implemented an online addictions study course at Gallaudet University for the summer of Charles has been certified as a C. Previously, he had received an M. Interagency Audit Training Center, etc.

Tokyo Stock Exchange in New York in Furthermore, Charles has taught Statistics G. Marilyn Martin brings almost 20 years of experience in the healthcare and higher education industries, collectively, to her position. Martin has worked in both private medical practices as well as in larger organizations such as United Healthcare and Carolinas Healthcare System, now Atrium Health. Martin is also a Certified Professional Coder CPC who has taught medical billing and coding as well as business courses at both public and private institutions.

Martin served as Program Director for Medical Billing and Coding and Business Administration programs, where she was responsible for leading a team of faculty, advising and teaching students, and assisting in the growth of both programs.

Martin also serves as a mentor for current students in the College of Business Administration at her alma mater. In her free time, Dr. Martin enjoys cooking, spending time with her son, and being an active servant in her local community. Mathis is a native of South Carolina. She earned her B. Upon graduation, Andrea began practice as a paralegal where she has spent over twenty years of dedicated service towards resolving domestic affairs, mentoring interns, and maintaining an accommodating environment for clientele.

In , she founded Wee Warriors, Inc. In , she received her ministry license and discovered a new passion centered on teaching adult learners in the local church. Andrea is a wife and mother of 4 children ranging in ages from 24 to 9. Using the same dedicative spirit she uses with her work and family life, she continues to minister and teach adult learners and currently is the instructor within the City of Hope Bible College.

However, what makes her stand out among others is not just her diverse experiences and background. As a mentor and spiritual counselor, Andrea has gained the trust and respect of many for her empowerment and support of the oppressed in spirit. High School in Currently, in his eighth year, he teaches in DeSoto County Schools in Northwest Mississippi; serves as an adjunct professor of education for Lenoir-Rhyne University online ; and teaches part time online courses.

McDaniel will graduate with his Education Doctorate Ed. He has been teaching since His goal and or teaching philosophy is that students come to apprehend thinking in broad ways, wherein, what they learn in content and principle be translated into their lives in practical application. Our culture, once more, needs critical rationality and pragmatism based upon a firm epistemology in all disciplines.

He is married with one son. He enjoys professional basketball, especially the San Antonio Spurs. He loves politics, philosophy, ethics and history. He currently serves as youth pastor at his home church in Fremont, OH. He is married and has two young children. In his free time he enjoys watching and playing a variety of sports. She worked as a computer programmer in Armenia for ten years before moving to the United States of America. She has been married for twenty-five years and has three children - two boys and a girl.

Her daughter is twenty-four years old and will be starting law school in the fall. Her sons are twenty-two and eighteen. The older son is studying psychology and her younger son is studying to become a mechanical engineer. In her free time, Mrs. She takes long walks in the evenings with her husband and three dogs.

Mkhikian enjoys traveling to different parts of the world to learn about their culture, cuisine and history. She especially enjoyed visiting Russia, Ukraine and Estonia. She also enjoys returning to Armenia to visit her family and friends. Mkhikian loves ice cream and chocolate, and especially chocolate ice cream. Victor Morawski received his B. His research and teaching interests include the History of Modern Philosophy, especially the Scottish reaction to British Empiricism where he has presented papers internationally.

Once on a committee developing a form of the national ethics exam "Ethics in America," he has focused recently on issues in Ethics, especially as it intersects with contemporary political thought and business.

As well, he has a strong background in Logic and Critical thinking and loves teaching in these areas. Priding himself on his ability to explain complex philosophical concepts in simple, straightforward language, he has always enjoyed the task of bringing students along with him on the challenging learning journey and confrontation with significant issues that a philosophy class can provide. For recreation he enjoys playing in Backgammon tournaments and has been known to lose a few golf balls in the woods from time-to-time.

Paola Moreno has worked as a social worker, and psychotherapist, for many years. She also has years of experience in teaching at the undergraduate level, first as a teaching assistant, and more recently as an adjunct.

She is interested in all areas of the social sciences, but especially in those that focus on human behavior and cultural aspects. Paola is also a proud veteran of the United States Army, and salute all those who have served and are serving. Her research interests are structured along the lines of immigration, social services, healthcare, and ethnic and cultural issues. She presently lives and works in Miami Florida; where she has also lived the majority of her life.

He has been instrumental in initiating several key computer information systems projects with strategic clients within the Australian Defense Force, which have since led to the deployment of several mission critical systems at various customer sites. Narasimhan has published over papers in the areas of Software Engineering and Information Engineering. He has also been the technical chair of two other conferences and has been on the technical panel of over 40 leading International Conferences.

He takes great pride in educating future tax professionals in the field of tax law. Law and mediation are his true passions in the arena of education. In addition, he has been employed by the Federal Aviation Administration for more than 2 decades as a National Airspace Specialist responsible for validating the integrity of global national airspace.

Donnie is a strong advocate of non-traditional approaches to education but insist that programs must be specific, deliberate, and effective. Given the structure of the modern family, the international community has seemingly demonstrated a more receptive disposition regarding the necessity for non-traditional education to support non-traditional lifestyles. The information age demanded it.

Having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology from Excelsior College Albany, New York , Donnie progresses as living proof of the success one might achieve through online education.

Prior to joining the federal government, Donnie served as a defense hardware expert for a major U. With training in the discipline of Electronics Engineering Technology from Arkansas College of Technology, he is completely comfortable with emerging technologies. Donnie also earned a certification in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system.

His diverse experience in law, mediation, and technology create a skill set that has uniquely prepared him to assist students who are interested in high level career focused education. Additionally he serves as chair of dissertation committee for PhD in Public Health program.

Prior to joining Walden University, Dr. Nguh is a five time national award winner for his work in community service and volunteerism. Moses Ngungu was born and raised in Zambia, southern Africa. In , he moved to America to pursue further studies in theology. Between January and June , he worked in the school administration while attending Beulah Heights University. There, he wore many hats as student assistant to the president, purchasing and supplies contact, receiver and processor of incoming donations, and student ambassador.

His work duties exposed him to working with people from different cultural backgrounds. Currently, he is an elementary grades teacher and college teaching assistant in the Atlanta area. Ngungu is a rising gifted Christian minister and Bible teacher. Besides impacting and serving people within the church, his passion is to develop firm believers of Christ through higher education. His teaching philosophy is based on the belief that teaching must be student-centered. His mission is to empower students to take full ownership of their education and provide them with confidence and tools necessary for a framework of success.

Nguyen has earned an M. She has over 13 years of experience educating her students. She believes that growth occurs by overcoming challenges that mentally test us. Pursuing a higher degree can be challenging while working full time but it can be extremely rewarding. Instead of the full frontal teaching method of large lectures, he prefers student-centered teaching that encourages learning by both students and teachers.

He likes students spend time in smaller groups in which they not only talk and think together, but also learn from each together. Rev Fr Alex C. With ordination to the catholic priesthood in for the Catholic diocese of Awka, Nigeria, he served as a pastor for many years in many parishes. And above all he has a passion for teaching and been nursing this ambition. He believes in learning and growth and sharing such knowledge with others.

Antonette Paler is a licensed teacher under the registry of the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission. She has various teaching experiences both in government and private schools in the Philippines. She also served as grade school teacher in the Department of Education-Malabon City. Paul hailed from modest upbringing that translated into his humble, down-to-earth, compassionate demeanor, he has always been recognized, respected and regarded as a man of serious integrity, a brilliant thinker, strategist, political advisor and analyst, of no ordinary measure.

Paul has written two books, a course in Entrepreneurship, several papers on Management and Research Methods and attended several academic seminars and conferences. Reed Paxton has been an instructor of religion and theology for the past 7 years. Paxton has a strong passion for teaching primarily in the online environment. He received an honorary doctorate degree in Divinity from St. Thomas Theological Seminary in Paxton served as an assistant pastor for 3 years in South Bend In before relocating to Charlotte, NC to plant a church.

Paxton is a teacher at heart. Paxton teaches and lectures on expository preaching techniques. Paxton is a huge sports fan. He enjoys watching football, and being involved with his 2 daughters in their sports activities. Paxton is married with two teenage daughters. Matt Pearcy is a U. Army historian who has taught history for twenty years and, for the last ten, in an online setting.

His earned degrees include a Ph. His teaching philosophy is guided by a sense that learning is most transformational when student driven, and he works to promote a safe and highly interactive classroom environment that empowers students and gives them voice.

Jacqui Quinn is a Communications Specialist, with a wealth of experience in a range of establishments including banking, media, marketing, sales, academia, human resource management and more recently the public service.

Quinn is written into the Antigua and Barbuda history books as the first woman to be elected to the House of Representatives in and the first woman to serve as Acting Prime Minister. Quinn has served in the public service as Minister of Labour and Minister of Education.

She is passionate about education, youth development and the empowerment of women and young people in the Caribbean. Corruption and Clientelism in Antigua and Barbuda. She has presented hundreds of papers, speeches and lectures over the last twelve years in various fields ranging from gender, media, marketing, communications, education and youth development.

She believes that teaching should be student-centred; that all students no matter their learning abilities have the potential to learn and to broaden their horizons in a given field. As a teacher, Dr. Quinn works to enhance understanding, enlighten, enrich and enable students to tap into and meet that potential.

She is committed to motivating students, not only to learn but teaching them in ways that are relevant, interesting, meaningful and memorable, teaching them to do and to live. Her core philosophy is to immerse herself into her field being flexible, fluid, experimental, creative and most of all practical; mentoring her students and practicing her craft in an interesting, passionate and enthusiastic manner. Quinn brings a lot of energy into the Charisma classroom.

She holds a Ph. Her research interests are in international marketing, branding, integrated marketing communication and ASEAN marketing management. Dana-Marie has been in the education sector for the past 7 years both online and face to face, working with the University of the West Indies, Open Campus and the University College of Jamaica.

Dana-Marie is a certified online instructor and a published writer. Her experience allows her to strengthen her passion for teaching and inspiring students all over the world. Prakash Ramoutar hails from the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

He is experienced in the field of Accounting, Finance and Internal Audit. Ramoutar teaches at different colleges and universities in his country and loves sharing accounting, finance and business related knowledge with his students. He has ongoing research interests in corporate governance, financial accounting, liquidity and internal audit.

Kaci Resau received her Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Kaci currently serves as an adjunct faculty member at American Public University System in the International Relations department. Steve Ripley is a native of Maine. He grew up in southern Maine but during his eight years in the Air Force, he travelled Europe and Israel.

Steve was then ordained in the American Baptist denomination where he became a senior pastor of a small church in NE Ohio. He has since left the pastoral ministry to become a full-time online instructor for several universities while working on his Masters of Theology with Western Seminary, OR. Steve and Sammi have eight grown children, two great grandchildren, and three dogs. They love to garage-sale, travel, discuss theology, and serve the Lord in whatever capacity the Lord leads them!

Krista Roehrig has been Instructing college and teenage students for 15 years, both face-to-face and online, has been gratifying on many professional and personal levels. Being an ordained minister with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference also gives her an appreciation of diversity and the gifts each student brings to the course room. She is also fortunate enough to be a consultant in the energy industry in my spare time. For her doctoral dissertation she has merged her desire for optimal online learning programs and theological education.

As such, her specialized focus on online theological education, in addition to being an ordained minister, allow her two worlds to intersect so she can utilize her experience through designing and teaching quality courses. Her hope is that her students enjoy learning in her courses as much as she enjoys teaching and designing them! She is married, have a great husband, three children one deceased , three grandchildren and three black Labs. Her favorite hobbies are reading, researching, playing the piano, playing sports, family dinners, traveling, and technology!

He has taught the full range of the Philosophy curriculum at various Community Colleges in Indiana, as a tutor at his undergraduate seminary and as a Military Chaplain, where he taught epistemolary and ontological Ethics within the context of the ArmyMoral Leadership Program for 21 years.

His experiences with online education are what have been his current interests for educational change. The position was working with eight educators to provide school districts with the information and strategies to implement data driven decision making into the schools. He was involved in collaboration with leadership teams and instructional coaches to affect student achievement.

He was involved in making presentations to schools, using their school data to determine effective school improvement. As a high school principal in Attica, New York for approximately students in grades , he worked in a collaborative learning environment to encourage student growth.

As a middle school principal at Florida High in Tallahassee, Florida for approximately students in grades , there was a need to bring teachers together to understand their craft. He was a principal at was the most challenging time because the student population had very little parent support. During his time at the school he, along with colleagues, raised the performance 87 points on their school grade to within 8 points of a C in one year.

The experiences of a math teacher, a business owner, and an industrial engineer have affected how life has changed his mindset. He enjoys bowling and golf in his spare time.

His wife is a retired teacher and keeps the family fit with her nutritional efforts. His son is a global human benefits manager for Pepsico in Rye, New York.

He has a grandson who is 7 years old now. Sams has been in pastoral ministry for the past 25 years presently serving his sixteenth year as the pastor of Calhoun Baptist Church in Calhoun, KY. He has previously served as an adjunct professor for Mid-Continent University and currently holds a chair on the Pastoral Leadership Advisory Board of Liberty University.

He is married to Shawn Sams, who received a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Liberty University and is the current Clinical Research Coordinator for an international biomedical pharmaceutical company. They have three children: Allyson, Haley Grace, and John William. He has been involved in teaching religious studies for twenty years, the last ten of which have been at the college level.

During this same time he also served as Pastoral Minister at churches in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Academic interests include contextual theology and the role of American culture in shaping religious expression and the ways that religion can utilize culture to attain their goals and increase membership. He is currently developing a text book on the role of religion in a post-modern world.

With an interest in liturgy, he has published several articles in various liturgical magazines. Esther Shin is a Licensed Psychotherapist who brings to Charisma University over 10 years of clinical experience and supervisory experience of training and coaching of externs. She has earned her M. She is also affiliated with a group practice in the city of Chicago, IL where she provides crisis intervention, risk assessments and lead groups following critical incidents in the workplace.

Her specialty is trauma and in addition to her clinical work, she has coordinated programs for victims of violent crimes and assaults including domestic abuse and sexual assaults. Agostino Sibillo was born in Italy and is now an American citizen. While in Italy, he went to the University of Bari where he obtained a Ph. He graduated with the highest honors which is why he obtained a position at the University as assistant professor of Science of Finances. Around the same time he also published several books, and had his own law firm practicing criminal law.

For the last two years, Dr. Agostino worked hand in hand with several governments for the creation of new laws for the internet privacy, cyber security and to set laws on taxation of profits generated via internet. Agostino also has a Ph. For this reason many Universities, Scientists and the press all over the world consider him the Father of Cloud Computing and one of the best Inventors of the twentieth century. For the last three years, Dr. Agostino has been traveling all over the World having lectures and press conferences in several Universities and Governments regarding Cyber Security Laws and Patent Laws.

She currently works as an instructor teaching Medical Billing and coding classes, as well as does independent coding for various companies. She lives in Auburn, Alabama. It is a nice town, with a lot to offer and the home of Auburn University.

She attends various sporting events at Auburn University. In her free time, she likes to read, go shopping and work out. His research interests include qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, advanced statistics, international business, management, marketing, public administration, educational administration, Buddhism and SME entrepreneurship.

Smith is a retired educator Miami-Dade County Public Schools and administrator Pnueno Svcs ; and now is a freelance academic writer, a college instructor and a coach for doctoral students in the dissertation stage. Smith has published his dissertation on Pro-Quest, and is in the final stages of converting his dissertation into a college text book for business and leadership.

Well qualified candidate with professional and educational designations, with over 40 years in related industry and public settings, from plant to Boardroom; mgt in all facets of business to include hands-on execution in accounting, HR, budgeting, finance and administrative functions of Not-for-Profit entities.

Without a doubt, Dr Smith is a community activist and volunteer having served in numerous capacities to include the Internal Revenue VITA, community development organizations, as well as collective bargaining agencies.

He is a licensed accountant, and is a fellow of the Institute of Financial Accountants UK since He is a licensed State of Florida K Educator since


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