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Following the submission of an application, it takes the IRS up to six months to issue a letter of determination of tax exemption under Section c of the tax code.

There is no point in conducting grant source research or submitting proposals until you either have the letter of determination in hand or are within a month or two of receiving it. While there are rare exceptions, to be eligible for the vast majority of grants, you must have a c 3 letter. That being said, we are willing to provide grant writing training in some circumstances. Still, many novice grant writers would be better served by taking English composition or journalism classes at a local college.

The only way to learn to become a grant writer is by writing many proposals. We can help you get started. Grant writing training is provided by Jake Seliger, who has taught college-level writing classes at a variety of schools, including the University of Arizona and Marymount Manhattan College.

While there are exceptions, the vast majority of grants are made to nonprofit, tax-exempt, c 3 organizations or public agencies, not businesses or individuals. The major exceptions to this rule involve various alternative energy, research and technology project concepts. Click here to learn more about circumstances in which we will work for businesses or individuals. You may receive junk e-mail pitches or see TV ads touting grants for individuals or businesses, but these are generally misrepresentations at best.

Any money you spend on guidebooks or seminars will probably be wasted. If you are low-income, however, you may qualify for certain grants and low interest loans for such purposes as home repair, first-time home buying and the like.

And finding the right audience is critical. We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the funding landscape as it pertains to your organization; upon completion of you will receive a written report summarizing the findings and recommendations, as well as a debrief by phone.

The report will include a ranked list of prospective funders, a grants calendar, a description of each prospect and a list of proposal requirements. From the initial interview to delivery of the final report is usually days. Fee is dependent on the scope of the research. You will also save considerably by hiring us to write proposals in batches of Most foundations will require a 2-page letter of inquiry prior to submitting a full proposal.

We will write a compelling letter to get you in the door. This page letter is designed to appeal to individual donors whom an organization may reach out as part of a special one-time or annual appeal. Some clients need help on an regular basis but cannot afford an in-house director of development. Aaron is usually available to support clients on a project-by-project basis throughout the year, or on a retainer basis. Call for free consult Grant Writing Services We provide the following grant writing and planning services.

We received the best news yesterday. Vigo County Drug Court was awarded funding for the next five 5 years from the grant that you prepared for us. With this funding the Drug Court Program will be able to help so many more people who desperately need the help. I am so happy to have found Aaron to help prepare a healthcare grant application with a very short turnaround.

My apprehensions about hiring someone I had no former relationship with soon dissipated as Aaron quickly proved to be not only a great writer, but trustworthy and insightful -- helping us to refine our business model and craft our strategy -- and fun to work with.

He walked into a high-pressure situation, hit the ground running and engaged with our staff seamlessly. We had the pleasure of working with Aaron for our Cancer Prevention Grant. The structure of a proposal varies according to the type of proposal, the type of project, and the organization.

The major components of the proposal should be identified in this section. Because the summary is the first section of the proposal, it should be short, yet explicit enough to describe the problem or opportunity, solution, outcomes, timeline, expenses, and qualifications, while keeping the attention of the reader. The Foundation Center recommends the problem to be explained in one to two paragraphs. It should include a statement regarding a problem or opportunity that the applicant organization is ready to address.

The solution should include a brief, yet explicit description of the project, its logistics, and benefits the program will provide once it is in place. The expenses should also be briefly discussed in this section. They should include the amount of funding required for the project, along with sustainability message that discusses the future plans for funding the project once the grant period ends.

Such information should be conveyed in one paragraph. The context, scope, and organization of the proposal is found in this section. Usually the introduction includes a brief description of the problem or opportunity, also known as the statement of need, the purpose of the proposal, the background of the problem or opportunity, sources of information, scope of the proposal, organization of the proposal, and key terms used in the proposal.

Having the key terms in the introduction is a helpful way of avoiding the reader any confusion. The Foundation Center lists in their website the following aspects to consider when writing the statement of need: The solution to the problem or opportunity is presented in this section as a plan. If the plan requires some type of research, this section is where such information should be mentioned, along with statistics and examples. Also, any type of action should be justified with supporting data.

The timeline for the plan or work should also be included in the plan of work. If the schedule is detailed enough to be included in a chart, it should be included as an appendix. A successful plan of work should mention the measurable outcomes of the project. They should be specific, concrete, and achievable. The methods section includes a detailed description of the project along with a specific timeline and reasoning behind the methods of action that have been chosen for the project.

The methods section enables the reader to visualize how the project will accomplish the objectives described on the grant proposal. Another section to include under plan of work is the evaluation portion of the project. The evaluation aspect usually comes in when the project has been completed to ensure the measurable goals have been achieved, and to find ways to better achieve the goals that were not reached.

The costs of the work plan should be carefully described under this section. While the main financial data will be developed after the proposal has been created and approved, this section should include a broad outline of the budget in order to make sure the expenses are reasonable and proportionate to the outcomes that are anticipated by the proposal.

Depending on the type of costs, there can be a division between direct costs salaries, travel costs, necessary materials, equipment, and supplies and indirect costs intangible expenses. A description of the qualifications of those carrying out the work plan should be carefully described under this section.

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Conduct grant-writing seminar plus expenses $5, per day. Event-planning and development plus expenses $5, and Up. Specialized Services: Prospective donor follow-up,editing of books, newsletters, Web site copy, editing of foreign languages translation to English, ghostwriting, Etc.

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Grant writing is not a place where you can cut corners or seek out a cheap hire. Chances are you’ll spend (read: lose) more money over the long haul than you would if you hired a more experienced, more pricey grant writer who will pull her weight.

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Jul 02,  · Do not lessen the amount of time you hire a grant writer for, based on the grant writer's cost. Invest in the grant writing process, as much as your organization is investing in grant writing as a fundraising method. Be dedicated to this effort because it takes time, resources, and team work. Resource Associates can help you meet or exceed your funding goals with our professional grant writing services. Many grants can be written at low or no cost. Contact us today to discuss your needs. Consultations are always free. Resource Associates’ grant writers have been awarded the majority of government and foundation grants .

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How much does grant writing cost? What is a grant writer’s fee structure? What’s a grant writer’s hourly rate? These are all questions we field on a daily basis as we talk to prospective clients. Free Grant Writing Services Professional, quality grant writing at no cost Many nonprofits, tribes, and government agencies qualify for free grant writing services by Resource Associates’ professional grant writers.