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can you do my french homework

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"my homework" translation into French

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But you have the most energy and focus when you begin. Use this mental power on the subjects that are most challenging. If you need to, ask an adult or older sibling for help. Or reach out to a classmate. Most people have short attention spans. Sitting for too long without stretching or relaxing will make you less productive than if you stop every so often. Taking a minute break every hour is a good idea for most people.

When your homework is done, put it in your backpack. Even when you pay attention in class, study for tests, and do your homework, some subjects seem too hard. What does happen for many people is that they work harder and harder as they fall further and further behind. No one understands everything. Start with your teacher or guidance counselor. Some teachers will work with students before or after school to explain things more clearly. If your school is big, there may be other teachers who know the same subject.

Sometimes it just helps to have someone new explain something in a different way. If you know someone who is good at a subject, ask if you can study together. Tutors come to your home or meet you someplace like the library or a tutoring center. They work with students to review and explain things taught in the classroom.

This gives you the chance to ask questions and work at your own pace. Ask if you can lay down for the period. This works best if you are somebody who rarely gets sick maybe once or twice a year then you will be more trustworthy if you appear sick. Go see a guidance counselor during the class period. The guidance counselor will offer you advice about how to manage your homework for the future, and can also speak to your teacher to extend the due date.

He may give you an extension or tell you not to worry about it this time. If you do this too often your teacher will stop being sympathetic, so make sure it only happens once or twice.

Make it look like you did the work if your teacher only glances at your homework. Put random but relevant-looking work ex: Look up the answers online or in the back of the book. Many textbooks have all or half of the answers listed in the back of the book especially math books. Your teacher may have found the worksheets or questions online, too, so search for the answers online. Act like you did the homework, but forgot it at home. Search your bag thoroughly in front of the teacher before coming up empty handed.

I must have forgotten it. Then you can quickly do the assignment during lunch. Get help from friends. Ask someone for the answers or to do your homework for you.

Just remember that this can be considered cheating, and you could be in big trouble if you get caught. Try asking one friend for answers to questions 1 and 2, then another friend for the answers to questions 3 and 4, and so on until the assignment is complete. Assemble a study group and let them work out all the answers. If you have a friend who owes you a favor, tell him this is how he can repay his debt.

Crack the CD in the case before class then carry a lot of stuff to the class and fall or drop everything as you walk into class. Pick up your broken CD. Your teacher will be sympathetic as the entire thing just happened in front of her eyes. Purposely corrupt the file. You can open a program in one program and then forcefully save it as a word document.

When your teacher tries to open the document, it will show an error message. Go into File Explorer and find the file you want to make corrupt. Once the file opens in Notepad you should see a really bizarre document with gibberish.

Click anywhere within the document and type something random in it, disturbing the flow. After this just save and submit. When your teacher opens it, it will show up an error. Do not select "use application as default" when selecting Notepad after File Explorer step or else all word documents. Create a blank image in Paint and save it in. After that, forcefully change its format into.

Now, when you try to open the file in any text viewing program, it will show up as a broken file. Send it to the teacher, and if he asks you the next day just say sorry about this inconvenience and promise to send it this evening.

Now, you have an extra day to complete your homework. Open a non-word document say a song so its a. In the top of the properties name change. It will now default to opening in word and look like a corrupt word document! In that time I write the paper and submit it. Say that you need to work on the computer. Remember to switch back to doing your homework when the parent comes back. So your parents check your history? If you have the Google Chrome browser, you can use Incognito mode.

This will not track your history at all. Remember to close all Incognito tabs before you go back to doing your homework. Tell your parents you did all your homework at school already during lunch or during your study hall. Or you can show them some old notes or old homework from your classes and pretend that it is your currently assigned, already completed homework.

This will work if your parents have not already seen those assignments or they are not stamped or signed by a teacher.

If they are, say that your teacher allowed you to turn in your homework and get it graded a little early. Leave the house with your backpack and text books.

You can also go hang out at the mall or somewhere else, but be aware your parents could catch you! Remember that someday the teacher will find out. It may be that the hand writing is the same or that the answers are the same.

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