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Theoretical probability is the probability something will happen based on a calculation. The calculation compares the number of ways that thing will happen to the total number of possible outcomes.

For example, a regular die has six faces with the numbers 1 through 6 on them. Theoretical probability is different from experimental probability. In experimental probability, first someone would do an experiment like roll a die times and record the results. Then they would calculate the experimental probability of rolling a 4 based on the number of times a 4 was actually rolled in the experiment.

Because results of experiments will likely be different each time an experiment is done, the experimental probabilities will also be different. They might sometimes be the same as the theoretical probability, and they might sometimes be different.

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Oct 02,  · What Could be the outcome? I know what a tree Diagram is but this Problem confuses me? A)A box contains three white balls and two red balls. A ball is drawn at random from the box and not replaced. Then a second ball is drawn from the box. Draw a tree diagram for this experiment and find the probability that the two balls Status: Resolved.

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The probability of an outcome is determined by how likely it is to happen, in a range between 0, for impossible, and 1, for certain, in a decimal or fraction. Probability Math Help Probability Math is the study of calculating the chance of future events occurring. Finding the probability of events occurring may be exact values such as the probability of a rolled die landing on 1 or might be only an estimate from repeated trials of an experiment.

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