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❶Free Revisions Included Order Now. A 9 page exploratory research paper investigating the philosophies of determinism and free will, in particular, how these concepts are depicted in two specific works, The Awakening and The Invisible Man.

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To write a philosophy paper that will be highly evaluated by your professor, you have to make a profound research and spend a lot of time in libraries to find all the necessary information. And even if you successfully cope with the task of writing philosophy paper, you have to format it in compliance with the required citation style, which is not easier than the actual writing.

We Know How to Write a Philosophy Paper of First-Rate Quality Our philosophy papers online company is always happy to take orders from students in need of writing a philosophy paper of proper quality. Our authors are capable of writing a philosophy paper that will impress your professor with its solid argumentation and faultless language. Please leave your contact information and we will call you within 15 minutes. Subject of the call Please choose the reason of your request Order placement Payment and authorization Quality of my order General question.

Your order ID or. Your customer ID or. Please indicate your name. Any additional comments or requests? Cancel Call me back. Anselm, and Gaunilo wrote a his retort to St. Anselm and then reflects upon the significance of the challenge presented by Gaunilo. Christianity And Medieval Civilization: A 6 page paper tracing three specific Christian precepts through the Confessions of St.

The paper suggests that cultures which were not obsessed with warfare and self-defense fared better at incorporating Christian tenets into their behavioral patterns. Approximately 80 pages available in much smaller sections or chapters containing thorough analyses and assessments of arguments for and against the existence of God.

Excellent for studies in religion, philosophy etc; Please send e-mail for more details. Bibliographic references are available. Philosophy of Determinism Analyzed: This 5 page research paper examines the school of philosophy known as determinism.

Specifically discussed are the teachings of Baruch Spinoza, B. Skinner and Walter T. Stace to ascertain if determinism is true and if a belief in determinism implies that man does not have to be held morally responsible for his actions.

This 5 page paper discusses whether or not the philosophical concepts of determinism and free will are compatible with each other. In 7 pages the author discusses the age long battle between the doctrines of freewill and determinism. The writer posits that mankind does, indeed, have freewill.

Arguing Against the Concept of Freewill: A 6 page philosophical essay in which the writer argues that we can not prove the existence of free will. This is a well-written, well-devised argumentative paper based upon available research.

The ideas of Kant, John Calvin, and others are refuted. Bibliography lists 6 sources. A 6 page paper that considers what the response of these philosophers would be to the question: Ontology as it Relates to Philosophy: A 7 page paper that considers the concept of ontology as it relates to philosophy, with specific concern for the works of Heidegger, Aristotle and St.

This paper first presents a basic overview of the ontological, and then considers the significance of the ontological argument within the realm of philosophy.

While we can say that a person created a clock or a watch, we can not necessarily say with the use of such an analogy that anything even remotely similar to a person designed the universe. After all, a person could not have created the material that a rock is made from A person could not have create the basic natural elements.

A watch exists because a person made it but a watch is not the most basic element-- Further reasoning provided in essay. A 3 page essay evaluating St. An 8 page paper that presents many of St. A 9 page paper which evaluates "On the Eternity of the World" by St. As the works are further discovered and discussed there are many issues which are more thoroughly detailed which brings the reader into a position where a much clearer understanding of the statements is attained.

Throughout the evaluation of the work there are examinations which detail some of the weak and the strong points made by Aquinas. A 5 page paper discussing the relevancy of time and eternity in relationship to a supreme being, or God.

The issues discussed are essentially based on the essay titled "Timeless Eternity" by Brain Davies. The theories discussed address the essential quality of time which is a highly opinionated reality. If time is nothing more than an illusion then God does not exist in any form within such confines as a time frame. The theories addressed within Davies essay are all essentially confining the divine essence and the subject of eternity within human ideas which address the reality of time.

No additional sources cited. This 3 page essay discusses whether or not dreams are meaningful. The writer draws heavily upon the thought of Thomas Aquinas to demonstrate that they are meaningful in terms of how their symbology relates to "real life. This 12 page research paper examines the conception of happiness in human terms, according to Catholic theologian and philosopher, Thomas Aquinas. A 9 page paper discussing the views of Karl Marx, Frederick Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud regarding the role of religion in the lives of individuals and assessing the success of each in dismissing its perceived worth.

Marx forbade it; Nietzsche ridiculed it as outside the realm of reality for the true thinker; Freud accused it of burdening the human race with the guilt with which we all, according to him, struggle. While each of these philosophers believed themselves to be quite successful in making religion disappear for their own purposes, neither could continually keep it at bay. Bibliography lists 11 sources. The writer explores the views of critics who believe Marx purposely left religion out of his theories for the purpose of not confusing the issue of creating a proletarian state, and other critics who view Marx as being anti-religion to the point of stealing his ideas from the Rerum Novarum.

A 3 page paper reviewing this article from [The Journal of] Theological Studies. Full citation for article is provided. A 9 page exploratory research paper investigating the philosophies of determinism and free will, in particular, how these concepts are depicted in two specific works, The Awakening and The Invisible Man.

First, explanations of determinism and free will are presented, then a brief discussion about their inclusion in literature. Finally, an exploration and defense for each philosophy in each of the two books is presented.

The Way of Revelation" by Hans urs von Balthasar: Bibliography lists only the two books discussed as sources. A 6 page philosophical running dialogue between two individuals, one taking the viewpoint that nothing exists except that which can be proven by the senses, and the other taking the viewpoint that the essence of humanity is its relationship to God.

This 4 page paper presents a debate on whether or not religion is good for man. Religion is seen primarily as a negative influence through the seventeenth century. Looks at ancient belief systems and analyzes questions regarding what the soul is and how it can be related to the cosmos.

A 6 page paper which considers the pre-Socratic influence on philosophy, including the prominent philosophers Xenophanes, Heraclitus and his impact on G. Hegel and the anticipation of philosophical issues by Empedocles during a period which lasted from approximately B.

Bibliography lists 9 sources. This 5 page report discusses the differences in ancient views of the universe and compares Hesiod with presocratic philosophers. A 6 page exposition of the philosophies of these two pre-Socratic philosophers.

Hereclitus wrote one major work with which Parmenides took great exception. The writer compares and contrasts the philosophies of these two early philosophers. Stoic Philosophy Of Ancient Greece: This 14 page paper defines Stoicism philosophy as it existed in Ancient Greece and details its specific school of thought as well as discusses the practitioners and writings of Stoic philosophers.

This 5 page report discusses the evolution of Stoicism, its appeal to the ancient Greeks and Romans, and whether or not it has relevance in the contemporary world. Also briefly discussed are some ideas as to why the Greeks and Romans were "susceptible" to the promises offered by early Christianity. The paper looks at two works in particular -- "The Clouds" and "The Birds" -- and, using some analysis by Aristotle and Freud on how comedy works, examines how Aristophanes used the force of comedy to show his countrymen the foibles of their own character and the world they lived in.

No other sources cited. This 5 page report discusses what the world would be like if we were more like Socrates. How would things differ? Would it be a better world? Why or why not?

In 5 pages the author discusses the ways in which Socrates exemplifies virtue. Keeping this in mind, and given what Socrates says about virtue in the dialogues, in what way or ways does the philosopher exemplify virtue?

In 5 pages the author discusses whether or not Socrates was genuinely religious. Yes, Socrates was a genuinely religious man. However, he did not share the religion of the Athenians. He was a martyr to a new, better religion. Socrates is also compared with other historical figures. No other sources are used. An 8 page factual essay that looks at the life of Socrates as revealed in the writings of his student, Plato -- and his Five Great Dialogues. A 10 page paper arguing that in the Apology, Socrates proves that all he was accused of was misguided wisdom brought about by the belief of his accusers that they were wise, rather than consider the possibility that they had no special claim on wisdom.

In the course of that inquisition Socrates not only proves their ignorance, but true to his purpose also uses the opportunity to continue to teach his pupils, despite their designs for him. In this life or death situation, he is able to convey that virtue is important above all else and that knowledge can be achieved by this understanding. The primary source is cited. A 5 page paper that considers Socrates arguments in response to the call for the death penalty.

This paper contends that while Socrates used sophism as a means of supporting his arguments for what he believed he "deserved" for his crimes, this only supported the philosophical premise of his argument. In 4 pages, the writer attempts to answer this very question.

It is believed that in Athenian terms, Socrates was in fact, guilty of impiety and corrupting the young but that the integrity of his accusers needs to be more closely examined. Frequently students apply to online academic assistance companies which can provide them with custom written papers on philosophy. All types of custom tasks in accordance with this genre argumentative essay, term paper, research paper, thesis and dissertation are offered at CustomWritings.

We use state-of-the-art technology to make sure the work is of great quality. The finest quality papers can be instituted at CustomWritings. Our team of editors makes certain that the matter used in your philosophy papers is original and creative. Our papers are done by writers who have complete knowledge of the English language. They know all about the different branches of philosophy. We use very sophisticated language in your papers.

The style of your essay is incredibly scrutinized to make sure there are no grammar, spelling, or principle errors. They assure that the philosophy papers you have structured reach you in the greatest possible shape.

Our philosophy papers are bought by students all over the world, as we are the best service providers available online.

We have hundreds of customers who buy our papers and being regular students. One of our customers says: I can now say it with confidence that no better site has ever been created to help us students out.

We feel proud of originality and creativity of our work. We pay extreme attention to the instructions provided to us. We keep in mind that while writing your philosophy papers we send you we have them completed and they are well worth your time and money. We use very refined language and make sure that the paper we write for you is well worth your money and your time. We keep your instructions in mind while working on your assignments. We also make sure that all of the philosophy papers are genuine and original.

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