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Mental Health Services Research

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❶The present study aimed to assess the views of mental health consumers and professionals as regards to access, availability, and delivery of mental health services.


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It is an important objective of the psychiatric services to keep the use of involuntary procedures to a minimum, as the use of coercion involves clinical, ethical, and legal issues.

It has been claimed that Norway has a It has been claimed that Norway has a relatively high rate of involuntary admissions. We reviewed the peer-reviewed literature on the use of involuntary admission in Norway, with the purpose of identifying the current state of knowledge and areas in need of further research. The database searches were supplemented with manual searches of relevant journals, reference lists, and websites.

Seventy-four articles were included and grouped into six categories based on their main topics: Four of the included articles described intervention studies.

Fifty-seven of the articles had a quantitative design, 16 had a qualitative design, and one a mixed-method design. There was a broad range of topics that were studied and considerable variation in study designs. The findings were largely in line with the international literature, but the particularities of Norwegian legislation and the Norwegian health services were reflected in the literature.

The review suggests that Norway has a relatively high rate of involuntary admissions. The identified studies represent a broad mix of topics and designs. Four intervention studies were identified. More studies with strong designs are needed to bring research on involuntary admission in Norway to a next level. A Reflexive Phenomenological Exploration. This presentation aims to reflexively explore the impact of the affects and positive or negative emotions of mental health professionals working with refugees in the Greek context.

We will also venture to contribute to the debate on The sample of this study consisted of six Greek mental health professionals, aged from 25 to 55, selected with purposeful homogeneous sampling from non-governmental mental health services. The data were collected through in-depth, semi-structured interviews. In the presentation, we will discuss data analysed with the methodology of Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis IPA , focusing on the embodied reflexive becoming of the interactions with the participants.

The main findings indicate that the experience of affect and positive or negative emotions of mental health professionals in their work with refugee clients can have an intense emotional impact which is conducive to the development of psychological resilience, while fostering greater self-awareness and meaning attributed to their work and life in general.

Another important finding involved an urgent call advanced by the participants for supervision by experienced on the field professionals in order to cope with the affects in the field. This in turn affected the researcher in a number of ways such as being a bit hesitant or worried before meeting with the participants. Therefore, we propose reflexively that both the precarious work conditions in the refugee context of Greece and the intense emotional impact of participants can affect the participants into assuming an apprehensive stance concerning their participation in the study and self-disclosing, which in turn brings to light the many ways that precarious work conditions in Greece can influence the research procedure.

Providing effective mental health services requires knowledge about and cultural competence across a wide array of beliefs and practices. This study provides an example of a successful project to improve public mental health service This study provides an example of a successful project to improve public mental health service delivery in an Amish community.

County boards of mental health in a rural area of Northeast Ohio contacted researchers in to provide assistance in reaching the Amish community because of a concern that mental health services were not being utilized by the Amish population. Following meetings with community leaders, changes were made to improve the relationships of service providers and public funding agencies with the local Amish community, disseminate information about mental health concerns and services, and improve accessibility to mental health services.

Contribution of the voluntary sector to mental health crisis care in England: Timely access to the right kind of support for people experiencing a mental health crisis can be problematic. The voluntary sector VS plays a key role in providing support and enabling access, but there is a knowledge gap The voluntary sector VS plays a key role in providing support and enabling access, but there is a knowledge gap concerning its contribution and interface with public services in mental health crisis care.

This study aims to address this. The study has three empirical elements: Data collection will involve interviews with commissioners; VSO and NHS or local authority providers; and focus groups with people who have experience of VSO crisis support, both service users and carers; and mapping the crisis trajectory of 10 service users in each study site through narrative interviews with service users and informal carers to understand the experience of VSO crisis care and its impact.

Ethical review by the Health Research Authority will be required for the case study research once the sites have been identified from the first two elements of the study. A range of methods including a policy seminar, publication in academic journals and a tool kit for commissioners and practitioners will be produced to maximise the impact of the findings on policy and practice.

The objective of this article is to discuss the strategies used by different groups of people who hear voices, to cope with such experience. This is an ethnographic study carried out with Italian groups of voice listeners. The workshop Mapping new voices: This workshop aims to explore a range of issues, including: A cross-sectional study design was used to examine the associations of ethnic identity, acculturation, and psychiatric service utilization among Wave 2 respondents of the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol Related Conditions with Weighted multivariable regression analyses were conducted to examine the relationships between ethnic identity, acculturation, and month psychiatric service utilization.

Pre operatif merupakan persiapan pasien sebelum dilakukan tindakan operasi, pada tahap ini pasien sering mengalami kecemasan. Kecemasan merupakan respon fisiologis dan psikologis individu terhadap keadaan yang dianggap mengancam karena Kecemasan merupakan respon fisiologis dan psikologis individu terhadap keadaan yang dianggap mengancam karena akan di operasi. Rasa cemas ini dapat menyebakan kegagalan atau penundaan tindakan operasi. Untuk mengurangi kecemasan tersebut maka diperlukan dukungan dari keluarga.

Dukungan keluarga yang diberikan keluarga itu sendiri yakni berupa informasi, motivasi, instrumental dan emosional. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui hubungan dukungan keluarga dengan kecemasan pasien pre operatif di RSU Sari Mutiara Medan. Jenis penelitian ini adalah jenis penelitian analitic corellational dengan pendekatan cross sectional. Sampel dalam penelitian ini sebanyak 36 orang, tehnik pengambilan sampel yaitu purposive sampling. Disarankan kepada kelurga untuk selalu memberikan dukungan bagi anggota keluarga pre operatif sehingga dapat mengurangi kecemasan yang dialami anggota keluarga pre operatif.

The objective of the MindsTogether project has been to provide decision makers with evidencebased information about effective models for mental health and addiction services. The project consisted of a literature review, expert interviews, general public survey, and focus group work with experts by experience.

A draft of the effective mental health and substance abuse service models was openly available for comments on the Ota kantaa public participation portal. Emphasising service models that are evidence-based or established good practices is highlighted as a key perspective in the report. The opportunities to reform mental health and substance abuse services that new operating models, which are person-centred and support inclusion and peer experience, have created also emerges as a main finding.

Existing evidence supports integration of basic mental health and substance use services with primary care. A multi-stakeholder approach, which includes complementary services provided by the third sector, is recommended. According to the analysis, investing in mental health services and mental health promotion enables a significant reduction of indirect costs, like production costs, caused by mental health problems.

TIME TO TAKE ACTION Call upon the community or general public, parents and youths, mental health professionals, physicians and nurses, educators, Facebook and other internet social media, religious groups, athletes, celebrities, secular and SBNR, school administrators, news media, Hollywood, academia, scientists, employers and employees, business owners and managers, private individuals and public officials, to join their talents, opportunities, and influence to support student mental health and end school shootings.

Sharing this article is one way you can help https: Depending on its severity, the problem can affect the entire school community. A comprehensive school health services program is designed to be proactive and attempt to troubleshoot these types of situations.

Good health is best defined not just as the lack of sickness and disease. Good health is a mandatory ingredient for successful learning and many factors can weaken it. School health services work toward that goal.

School health services are found in some form in every school throughout the United States. Most children in the United States spend more than half their waking hours at school. Besides an already-full school day, many students are also involved with regular sports and social activities before and after school while older students often have part-time employment during those hours they are not in high school.

Since students at school are a captive audience, schools should be important providers of health services. To do this, the health services should be able to diagnose and prevent various health problems and preventable injuries as they strive to make certain those attending school receive the type of health care they need. Taken individually, each component has unique and important characteristics. The staff of the school health office provides the core services of screening, diagnostic treatment, and health counseling services within the school.

At given times, this office will also provide:. Some schools with a large student immigrant population may offer immunization clinics with community health organizations American Academy of Pediatrics,


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